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Both models came with slightly widened bumpers front and rear with integral fog lamps.

A convertible model called Street Ka also appeared, launched with the help of singer Kylie Minogue at the Paris Motor Show.

The Ka was also sold in New Zealand between 1999-2004, and was replaced by the newer Fiesta.

The Ka has been the best-selling car in its class in the United Kingdom for a number of years and commands around a fifth of the city car market. Power steering was added to the specification of the basic Ka after the first year.

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The design borrowed a lot from Ghia's "Saetta" show car, a roadster designed by Filippo Sapino.This was only produced in very small numbers and is now one of the most sought after Ka's. With the car's impending replacement, in May 2008 a Finale special edition with distinguishing features such as roof decal and black wing mirrors was made available.In 2003, the Ka brand was diversified, with the addition of a new Sport Ka featuring a sporty body kit, wider track with stiffened suspension and redesigned 16" (40 cm) alloy wheels.Street Ka was a Ford inhouse design built by Pininfarina (the 2000 motor show concept was designed by Ghia, Turin) in Italy and all Street Kas have sill plates inscribed "Pininfarina".Pininfarina produced 37,076 Street Kas between 2002-2005.

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