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“That song became the rudder of the whole album, feeling like the saying, ‘A rising tide lifts all ships.’ Except in this case it was the rest of the songs.” The lyrics remain the centerpiece of the album:“Take my hand Walk me through the valley I’ll fear not, with the sun to warm my face There we’ll stand In the light of all that shall be Knowing home has never been a place”Wright quickly understood this was one of the most moving revelations of the album. It required me to just take a seat and absorb these amazing musicians in the room.

It was then that I could acknowledge that something was being sprinkled in the atmosphere and it made me able to just trust.”Part of the power that Henry brought to the album included drummer Jay Bellerose, bassist David Piltch, guitarists Adam Levy and Mark Goldenberg, keyboardist Patrick Warren, saxophonist Levon Henry, and engineer Ryan Freeland.

Her single, “Bumper of My SUV” became a hit with country radio and led to a new affiliation Dualtone Records.

Wright’s sixth album, THE METROPOLITAN HOTEL became a Number 7 hit on the Top Independent Albums chart, followed by Vanguard Records’ release LIFTED OFF THE GROUND in 2010, the same year as publication of her self-penned memoir, LIKE ME.

Clearly the promising new singer had become an established national star, but like most careers, there would also be detours ahead.

She left her major record label in 2003, and then the next year signed with a new independent label.

It was in this circle of players and people that Wright realized she had to change how she related to what was being created.

“I needed to get really quiet as we made the album.

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After more than five years away from the spotlight, and through a heroic personal and creative journey, Wright has returned with the release of a long anticipated new CD.I had never experienced anything quite like it before.”In working on the songs that would become I AM THE RAIN, Chely discovered a way to shape not just the life she was hoping to live but also to see all the things that had brought her to this place.“Sometimes the past becomes a stalker, demanding to be acknowledged.Born in Kansas City, Missouri, she grew up in a musical family in the small town of Wellsville, Kansas.The young Wright starting singing professionally at age 11, and by her senior year of high school was working as performing musician at the Ozark Jubilee, a country music show in Branson, Missouri.

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