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They also were asked to talk about family traditions that they participated in or had been passed down through their families.

There are officers in every community that go around and speak to different groups about protecting themselves / basic self defense.

Set up different stations and have the kids break into groups and talk about/practice different life skills with a leader at each stop. Story Switch / Creative Writing Every one gets a piece of paper and 5 minutes to begin writing a story.

Basic cooking, ironing and laundry tips, staying in shape, putting on a suit while blindfolded (ha! When the time is up, pass your paper to the right, and the next person has to continue on with the storyline.

Make a list of different activities (reading a book to a child, wiping off counters, cleaning a sliding glass door, pulling 15 weeds, etc) and put split the girls into teams.

Go out into different houses (arranged before hand..the mothers have a heads up and they can have "extra" service opportunities ready...folding a load of towels anyone?

Utilize these experts, and give your girls a little street smarts. You have a Primary chorister in your ward, and she would be thrilled if you'd like to make some visual aids for a song the kids will be learning that year.

If you realize that you are dating a player, but don’t want to break up with him, here are a few important things to know when dating a player.

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) presented a fabulous presentation on modest-ing up barely there styles, examples of refashioning thrift store finds, and classic, low-cost staples for a wardrobe that will give you lots of outfit options.

BONUS: take your musical melodies to a senior community and make their day As youth we spend so much time planning on where we'll go to school, what job we'll have, where we'll live, but what about who we'll marry?

If the choice of marriage partner is truly the most important decision of our life, shouldn't we be laying the ground work for what we want in that arena as well?

We called this one "Pretty Pennies." One of our most fashionable ladies (that's you, Allison!

Have them prepare a "commercial" for the product they've come up with using those items.

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