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I have checked all my books and I can not find any referemce to this maker. the workmanship is incredible, but I would love to know more.submitted by Carol Kelley I have acquired a beautiful bracelet and necklace of silver filigree, large blue topaz and a center of a cameo.There is a hallmark that appears to be a G and an M in a double circle. The top looks like tortoise or bakelite with beautiful detailed painted leaves on each side.I think it looks Russian, the cameo has a reddish brown back and the face and neck are in profile in a lighter beige. In the trademark book, the entry was under "Rings and Mountings" -so that is most likely the company that made your ring. submitted by Ellen from Santa Cruz Peter Macchiarini (1909 - 2001) is considered one of the pioneers of American modernist studio jewelry.Any help on identifying would be greatly appreciated. submitted by Jo-An Recently inherited ring with the hallmark SPM, on left side of S 1/2 diamond shape, right side of M other 1/2 diamond shape and then joined at top and bottom with a line. The Rainwater book says that today they only deal in loose diaminds. His studio/gallery was in the North Beach section of San Francisco where, beginning in the 1930s, he handcrafted unique works of art including sculpture and jewelry.Can any please tell me who made this ring and approximate age? I found SPM listed in a trademark book from 1950 and in Rainwater's book. Margaret De Patta was a close friend and, together with other "pioneers" of this period, they started the San Francisco Metal Arts Guild.The "East Coast Memorial" in Battery Park in New York City is his most famous large-scale work and depicts a bronze eagle, 18 and 1/2 feet high, atop eight granite slabs. He also designed gates for the New York Worlds Fair.He created a three-tiered composition for these impressive gates.

Margot's work, more than any other, was designed for woman--it is mostly very wearable and highly feminine. I recently bought a bracelet marked MARITSCHNIG SWEDEN followed by several marks - ICO , what looks to be a 1 in a circle, three crowns in a trefoil, an S in a hexagon, and Y8. The piece appears to be an early necklace by Matilde Poulat, but I've always wondered whether the "Matl" marks that are incised (or scratched on the surface of the metal such as the marks on this necklace) are actually early Matilde Poulat marks.He was an extremely gifted jewelry designer who specialized in hand wrought sterling silver flowers.This jewelry is highly prized by serious collectors and is quite rare.Other exhibition venues were the National Sculpture Society, National Academy, Pennsylvania Academy, and Rockefeller Center.He created numerous medallions including ones for the Vatican in Rome. Manca also did WPA (Works Progress Administration) sculpture, and one of these pieces is "Wild Duck and Deer", 1942, in Lyons, Ohio.

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