Cuckold husbands free chat dating advice for thirty somethings

One of the simplest methods of demoting the cuckold penis is to panty the husband.

We all ‘get’ how feminine panties are and how counter to the male ego they are – this is also what makes them a perfect opportunity to demote the status of a male’s penis by forbidding the wearing of masculine underwear and have his penis covered only in feminine panties.

When a cuckold’s penis is no longer considered (or allowed) as a symbol of manhood, but rather as a symbol of his submission, they can take on new used and be used in other ways pleasurable to the hotwife, her cuckold and even their Dom should they have one.

Every time your cuckold’s penis becomes swollen, appreciate it as the physical expression of his approval that it is.

The husband’s testicles represent his role as the wife’s mate.

For some cuckolds the stereotype holds true, but for the majority of husbands active as or desiring to be her cuckold, such classic inadequacies may not be at the heart of the desire.

In practice, denial can run a full range of exerting very little influence over the cuckold’s access to intercourse or it can be practiced much like being cut off with only a small or very infrequent chance of being invited inside his wife.

The decision to deny a cuckold is often assumed to be based on some real or perceived inadequacy, but in truth, it can and should be enjoyed purely as an expression of the husband’s submission.

Teasing, including physical, visible and verbal options, can take on epic proportions once his penis has been demoted to being less a sex organ and more a toy for amusement and his release when allowed.

Wives often purposely avoided simple teasing likely to result in arousal because that penis, while still regarded as a symbol of being an alpha male, led husbands to believe that they should expect sex anytime they were aroused even though their wife may have simply wanted to be playful.

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