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Seoul should rebuff Chinese interference and exercise its sovereign right to defend itself against the North Korean threat brought on, in part, by Beijing’s unwillingness to confront its belligerent ally. In March 2015, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Su-yong warned that Pyongyang now “has the power of conducting a pre-emptive strike.”[2] Pyongyang announced that its February 2013 nuclear test was of a “miniaturized and lighter” nuclear weapon that could fit on a missile, giving the regime the ability to “make a precision strike at bases of aggression and blow them up with a single blow, no matter where they are on earth.”[3] North Korea has an extensive ballistic missile force that could strike South Korea, Japan, and U. The Scud missiles threaten South Korea, the No-Dong can range a portion of South Korea and all of Japan, and the Musudan can hit U. The North Korean People’s Army warned that “the [South Korean] presidential Blue House and all headquarters of the puppet regime will be targeted. military bases in South Korea and [South Korean] ruling institutions including [the Blue House] and puppet army’s bases to ashes at once.[15] North Korea also threatened to turn Seoul and Washington into “seas of fire” through a “precise nuclear strike.”[16] The South Korean constitution charges its armed forces with “the sacred mission of national security and the defense of the land.”[17] Protecting against the catastrophic devastation from a North Korean nuclear attack is a critical responsibility.Pyongyang asserts that it already has the ability to attack the continental United States, American bases in the Pacific, and U. If the South recklessly provokes us again, the sea of fire at Yeonpyeong will turn into a sea of fire at the Blue House.”[14] In March 2013, the North Korean Workers’ Party Central Committee decided: [A]ny military provocation in the West Sea of Korea or along the Military Demarcation Line will not be limited to a local war, but develop into an all-out war, a nuclear war. Despite the growing North Korean threat, successive liberal and conservative South Korean governments resisted deploying adequate missile defense systems and linking its network into a more comprehensive and effective allied BMD framework. South Korea is instead developing the independent Korea Air and Missile Defense (KAMD) system, which would consist of only a terminal phase, lower tier land-based Patriot-2 missiles and SM-2 Block IIIA/B missiles deployed on Aegis destroyers without ballistic missile capability.In conjunction with the Patriot missile system, THAAD would create an essential multilayered defensive shield for South Korea.

The THAAD system is designed to intercept short-range, medium-range, and some intermediate-range ballistic missiles’ trajectories at endo-atmospheric and exo-atmospheric altitudes in their terminal phase.CLAIMS Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson are dating after the hunk's split from Angelina Jolie have been rubbished.A Mail Online source poured water on the story that the stars were secretly in a relationship.In December 2014, a modified version of the agreement was signed which allows voluntary passing of intelligence about North Korean ballistic missile and nuclear activities between Japan and South Korea through the U. Instead, South Korea insists on relying on only lower-altitude interceptors, resulting in smaller protected zones, gaps of coverage that leave fewer citizens protected, and minimal time to intercept a missile—all of which contribute to a greater potential for catastrophic failure.Successfully destroying a high-speed inbound missile requires intercepting it sufficiently far away from the target.

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