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Most pinball machines have sensors designed to detect a tilt, and when activated a “tilt” warning light comes on and the player’s controls are temporarily disabled. Apparently the game has been a favorite with members of the armed forces since the days of WWI. Noisy like a clunker RATTLY A “clunker” is a an old jalopy, a beaten-up and run-down car. Hollywood’s Harris and Helms EDS Ed Harris is a very talented actor, noted for two great performances in movies about the Space Program. Harris played John Glenn in “The Right Stuff” in 1983, his “breakthrough” role. Helms is now making a name for himself on the big screen. Notably, he co-stars in the “The Hangover” series of films. Poet Khayyám OMAR Omar Khayyam was a Persian with many talents. Twelve years later he has a stellar performance as the flight director Gene Kranz in “Apollo 13”.

Having said that, “Ulysses” is an interesting novel in that it chronicles just one ordinary day in the life of a Dubliner named Leopold Bloom.

“Ulysses” was made into a film of the same name in 1967 starring Milo O’Shea. Smartly attired NATTY A natty dresser is one who dresses smartly and neatly. Noted performing whale SHAMU Shamu was the name of the third orca, or killer whale, ever to be featured in a public exhibition.

Shamu starred in a popular Sea World show in San Diego in the sixties.

After she died in 1971, her name lived on as the name “Shamu” is still used by Sea World for its killer whale shows.

That original Shamu was retired after she grabbed and refused to let go of the leg of one of her trainers. Environmental activist Brockovich ERIN Erin Brockovich is an environmental activists who is famous for the role she played in building a case against Pacific Gas & Electric for contaminating drinking water.

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    Newspapers The New-York Historical Society's collection of Revolutionary War-era newspapers is one of the largest in the nation.

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    Late Cretaceous Volcanism in Taranaki Basin: Examples from Seismic Reflection Data, Hai Zhu, Hannu Seebeck, and Peter King, #10999 (2017).

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    is a Canadian professional wrestler best known for her time in TNA / Impact Wrestling under the ring name Angelina Love.