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Basics of IRC - There are many other shortcuts that you can use on IRC, but the items below are basics of getting started.

Music Brainz uses two IRC channels for real-time chat and discussions.

To get started on Quake Net please read some of the guides below: PRESS RELEASE: IRC NETWORKS UNDER SYSTEMATIC ATTACK FROM GOVERNMENTS IRC networks have hosted hundreds of thousands of users discussing every topic imaginable for over two decades.

Quake Net has grown to be one of the largest and we have a diverse base of users connecting from all corners of the globe.

Real-time chat can be a great way to ask a quick question about mapping or some more technical matter, or just to get to know some fellow Open Street Map enthusiasts. There are other systems for using IRC on the web such as Webchat but many people prefer to use desktop IRC client software (comparison at Wikipedia).

The main Open Street Map channel is irc://net #osm (Port:6667)other chat rooms are listed below, but #osm is fine for most purposes, and has the most people on it. Simply pick a nickname (no spaces) and click 'Login'. You will need to input 'net' as the IRC server, and '#osm' as the channel.

Vous avez une idée, une question, ou bien juste du temps pour être présent, discuter de l'asso et faire circuler les infos ? Si vous n'obtenez pas de réponse tout de suite, c'est juste que personne n'est devant son écran, gardez le chat ouvert et montrez-vous patient.

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References to IRC in Music Brainz generally refer to this channel.There are many different IRC networks to choose from Each network has many different channels.To get started you’ll need to know the server and channel that your community uses.– Respecter la nétiquette bien-sûr, les modérateurs seront là pour veiller au grain alors attention !– Le spoil est et restera interdit même pendant le blindtest.

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