Blackbery not updating emails

This can be seen by viewing the message headers of the junked email.

The headers can be difficult to read, so you may need to copy and paste them into the message analyzer in the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer. For third party systems and Saa S applications you should check with their technical support to see whether they provide any advice as to what you should add to your SPF record.

It also contains links to device-specific set-up pages, including information for the i Phone and Blackberry.

Zimbra offers four options for accessing Zimbra accounts using mobile devices.

A discussion forum for users of the product can be found here, please feel free to join in, leave comments, tell us what you like or don’t like.

If you need assistance building an SPF record for your domain try SPF Wizard.He works as a consultant, writer, and trainer specializing in Office 365 and Exchange Server.Paul is a co-author of Office 365 for IT Pros and several other books, and is also a Pluralsight author.In many cases you'll have no control over how the external system sends email though, and adding them to your SPF record will be necessary.In the example message shown at the start of this article, the SPF check failed because the host sending the email is not in the SPF record.

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