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Will often spend hours in thought on the question of "Who am I? Gangsta- "I dont like what I do, but it's the only choice we got out here." Thug- "Test tomorrow? I dont give a fuck, the only test I care about is how much weed can I smoke! “They couldn’t even have dreamed that, one day, America would have a black president.The only dreams that they had—my grandmother was white, and my grandfather was black—was that Americans would someday allow mixed couples to live in peace, have children, and let the children have decent lives. Golden traveled to Uzbekistan to work on cotton cultivation.For Russians of African descent, President Barack Obama offers a potent symbol of triumph over the same challenges they themselves face in a country where dark-skinned people remain rare and often unwelcome.Yelena Khanga is one of Russia’s best-known black citizens.Was generally exposed to traumatic events during his childhood, most of them violent.Has lost many or most of his family members and is struggling to keep what's important to him in the only way he knows how (violence or crime).

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“He did what my grandmother and grandfather dreamed about in their day,” Khanga says.That distinction has singled many black Russians out for treatment that they say swings between curiosity, at best, and open hostility, at worst.Grigory Siyatinda, an actor at the Sovremennik Theater in Moscow, grew up as the only black man in his hometown of Tyumen in the 1970s.Often makes request for reperations for slavery and assures people of his hatred for "The Man".Continues to make radical statements calling for mass acts of violence or the refusal to eat some foods.

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