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Mortality is no one’s favorite topic, so let’s just call this exercise what it is: the ultimate DC bucket list of must-try foods.

They even urge you to order it with a fried egg on top.

This bowl unites Japan and Korea -- not an easy feat these days. This after-school snack-turned bar food is a crowd pleaser because of the buttery crunch of the bread and melty American cheese that tastes very far from organic.

You’ll want to drink up the kimchi-infused broth that serves as a pool for pulled pork, greens, a soft egg, pickled ginger, sheets of cabbage kimchi, and whatever else you want to add on (Chicken oysters! Get the original, the Super (with tomato, bacon, and onion), or ask for your grilled cheese “Freddy Style” and see what happens.

Let’s be honest: eggs, butter, and cheese are the stuff dreams are made of.

Kudos to the little country of Georgia for figuring out how to combine these ingredients oh so well in a big bread hot tub.

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