Bethany joy galeotti and james lafferty dating

But I think bringing that confidence from my previous experience on a set has helped me out a lot. JJ: Can you describe your cast members in one word each?

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They take us all to a mansion at an undisclosed location. JL: They’re usually prop guns but every once in a while we are working with a real gun with no bullets, or a real gun with blanks. JJ: Who from the cast do you still talk to or hang out with? I got to see Shantel [Van Santen], [Bethany] Joy [Lenz], Hilarie Burton, haven’t seen her in years. JJ: There’s always talks about reunions, would you be down for a reunion? JJ: Do fans react differently than when you started the show and now, and how did that change? Just the range of people that we’re exposed to is different. We just did kind of a little fan convention in Paris, so I got to see a lot of people again for the first time. There were so many people in the cast, in such a small town, you’re bound to cross paths with everybody. JL: L Bar is like my living room that is not in my house. My buddy was on the phone with a locksmith and I go to my car to just look inside to make sure everything is there and everything was there, including my keys, in the ignition. I was like, well, I guess I’ve gotta call a locksmith.

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