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*Correction: This sentence was modified to more accurately reflect Potter’s view.

The next day, the famous author wrote a letter to Peter Bide, the priest who had married them, to tell him the news.“I’d like to meet,” Lewis writes, suggesting the two grab lunch sometime soon. One doesn’t realize in early life that the price of freedom is loneliness.

Freer to marry, freer to divorce, freer to have sex when and with whom they like with fewer consequences, freer to cohabitate without getting married, freer to remain single, freer to pursue open relationships or polyamory. His new book, is all about how the modern dating scene has been shaped by sexual economics, a theory which sees human mating as a marketplace.

His idea, as you might suspect from the title, is that sex is not as costly to access as it once was—in terms of time, effort, and risk.

Archaeological evidence of their presence has been elusive, but the butchered bones of the Bluefish Caves might provide that missing link.

“Finding no cultural material doesn’t mean that people weren’t there,” Bourgeon says.

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University of Alaska Fairbanks archaeologist Ben Potter has scoured Alaska for sites older than about 14,500 years without success.

“Of course, small, highly mobile groups of hunters wouldn’t have left much evidence behind and part of Beringia is now underwater.” John Hoffecker, an archaeologist and human paleoecologist at the University of Colorado and proponent of the Beringia standstill hypothesis, agrees that the cut-marked bones are strong evidence of early human occupation.

But what stunned him, he says, was a comment—taken from Cinq-Mars’s original, unpublished notes—that stone tools were found in the lowest and oldest cave deposits.

Previously, the oldest accepted human occupations were at three sites in Alaska and one just over the border in Yukon, all dating to about 14,000 years ago.

“We had suspicions that the human presence might be old when we found cut marks on horse bones,” Bourgeon says.

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