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Capri's World-Class Competition History Besides being well-known racing car drivers, what do Francois Cevert, Roger Clark, Emerson Fittipaldi, Graham Hill, Niki Lauda, Klaus Ludwig, Jody Scheckter, Jackie Stewart, Hans Stuck, and John Surtees have in common?

(The GTU car also served as a GT3 car.) Lee, who enjous endurance racing, remembers his Capri fondly, but he is not sentimental about them. They had their quirks, but they pretty much worked fromt he get-go." A lot of top international drivers like Jochen Mass, drove the Capri back in it's day.

The fact the car never caught on as a racer here disappoints Safe-Quip's Tim Lee, a former Capri racer in both the SCCA and IMSA.

"I don't think Lincoln-Mercury really knew what they had with the Capri, and that's kind of sad," Lee says.

Yes, '70s bureaucrats smiled, because the mandate madness gave them job security.

Policemen smiled because they got to meet their ticket quotas, and city fathers smiled, too, because of the revenue from all those speeding tickets.

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