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Making her would cost me her warmth, her scent, her taste… He might need to double up.” The Berts turned around, trying to hide their laughing as Andre’s face only contorted more… I tested her hearing by quietly saying her name and she replied with a ‘yes master? ** As soon as the elevator doors closed, he punched the stop button. She’s confident that Sookie will be able to make up for what we can’t get from him.” “To be clear, I’m being asked, not ordered, to end Waldo and be free from repercussions? “Name your price.” “Lead the way.” He nodded again and pressed the button to start the elevator again. ” “To be named later.” Allowing me to end Waldo myself was favor enough, but they didn’t need to know that… If Pam had betrayed me in the same way, I’d have endured the pain to do the job myself. ” He nodded, not taking his eyes from Waldo’s remains. I pushed her over, wrapping one arm around her waist to lift her and driving into her until she started gasping, begging me to come… ” Sookie giggled an I-told-you-so while Pam cackled. “You’re staying with a vampire and you’re scared to be alone? When all was said and done, once the jeweler’s wit returned to him, the large sale was most likely going to buffer him from his mystification.While turning her tonight, every night since I first laid eyes on her for that matter, was tickling at my consciousness… If I’m right, if she is Fae in some part, she could easily hold onto her youth, especially with my blood… “Sookie, apologize.” She pouted her lip out and turned to Andre. Since you obviously have no sense of humor, I won’t ever try to make you laugh again.” That wasn’t what I had in mind. He remained quiet for a moment and finally broke his gaze on the door. It was something I’d most likely dismissed dozens, if not hundreds, of times over the years as deliberation or reflection, but knowing Sookie’s suspicions… a ‘blank check’ favor wasn’t something he’d give without Sophie-Ann’s consent… ** Two levels down and a maze of hallways later, a ridiculous set of stone doors were pushed open for us by 2 of the six armed guards… “Next month.” “Then her king will have to make sure her generosity is closely guarded.” Anyone to learn of that Achilles heel could use it against her. putting us all in jeopardy even if it is her only vulnerability. ** As soon as her feet were under her again she leaned into the wall, trying to catch her breath and finally leaning into me. ” “I’m certainly cured of my foul mood.” Most of it. She stepped back and smiled up at me as she pushed the water through her hair briskly. In my experience, 6 figures usually prevented questions from being asked.Even dying for the day was (in her eyes) a fair trade for nightlife and moving to a city with possibility as her only possession. If Vampirism heightens her telepathy, she may only be happy as a hermit… I couldn’t imagine what the adjustment would do to her. 1600 years of vampire should be more than enough to help her focus… I assume you’ve been with a few of the donors.” Prick. She knows better.” I was implying that she knew better than to challenge me, but that she’d know better than to feel threatened by fangbangers was my actual meaning. “It was 4 and yes sir, I do.” Andre offered an impressed nod. He came to the palace last night to comfort the queen having felt her mood. ” “He’s admitted his part.” “His association with Arkansas? Feeling a reprieve from what he thought was a pass as I had fun test driving my new toy, Waldo never saw it coming. When he suddenly looked over to see the disintegrating remains of his ‘brother’, Andre might have actually seemed grateful. It’s your own fault you have all those fangbangers sniveling at your feet, you know? ” She kissed me with a grin and stepped out of the tub without a word. ” “I just needed to get out of there before your ego took up the whole damn room.” I chuckled, stepping under the water. Hey, should I call Pam so you don’t need to repeat yourself? ” “Go ahead then, brat.” ** While I sped through the functional part of my shower, I heard Sookie call down to ask Pam for a … When I came out of the shower, Sookie was wearing a pair of her short shorts and a clingy pink t-shirt and Pam was on her knees on the bed behind her, pulling Sookie’s hair back into an intricate braid… “Adele, did Sookie mention that we have thought of an excuse for you to stay with me in Shreveport? ” “While at the palace tonight, Sookie ‘heard’ that there might be a threat in my area. I didn’t want her to have the chance to get any hints.” She giggled. But I easily thought of a loophole to allow me to still buy more than my ‘threat’ included.When it came to the topic of Sookie though, she’d be sacrificing more than a few things to become a vampire… Even if she were to grow to want vampirism outside of its current designation as her ‘back up plan’, life support, if you will… unless it was having my blood that made the difference. ** Andre only let them get about 50 feet away before he opened his surly mouth to start his explanation of my task. He was actually hoping that the discovery would have caused some friction between Sookie and I. “She heels nicely for such a new pet.” “ well.” “How do you handle discipline? “A belt.” Even if she heard the answer from around the corner they’d just turned she’d know I was only joking. Andre nodded and a few seconds later raised his eyebrows impatiently. ” He gave me an annoyed look before he turned and started leading me down the hall. He was very surprised to see Hadley so well.” “And where do I come in? ” “No, but the queen can’t tolerate the methods we’d need to use… ” “All it does is prove that you’re uninspired.” He scoffed. On his way over, he kicked a couple of ‘ejected’ bananas out of his path. She’s feeling quite relieved that he didn’t suffer.” “She’s the only reason he didn’t. She’s going to be curious.” Those two were going to end up closer than I thought… The very idea that she thought so well on her feet was impressive. ” My cautious approach was greeted with a bright smile. It would be very convenient for you two to just stay with me while she surveys my customers for problems.” “Do I still rate a babysitter? I was only further pleased to quickly find fitting items for Adele and my brat.I might be able to selfishly hold off for a couple of decades before wanting to push the topic… “Crescent City Steakhouse 1001 North Broad Street This should fix you up. A situation has to be dire for any vampire to agree to a payment of such ambiguity. Concrete walls, dimly lit, the sound of water dripping along with occasional whimpers and moans… “Whatever service I can provide.” Bill grunted and snarled, getting our attention finally. “That I beat the bananas out of you or that I ended the vampire responsible for nearly killing her friends? She giggled against my chest, “That’s better.” “What is? ** Not wanting to disturb Sookie, but too pleased to resist, I hovered over her to gently place the necklace and bracelet on her…Certainly by then, we would have had to lay Adele to rest… I wouldn’t want you to regret it.” “Does that happen a lot? I don’t care enough to ask.” “Then why do you care if I regret it? It’s just what Gran told me when I talked to her about you. -Sookie” The Berts were pleased in their own rights, so I didn’t bother to hide how damn funny it was to me either. He’d gotten past his pain enough to bare his fangs… Stupid enough to be burning his hands on the silver rope around his neck. ” “Both.” “It’ll be old news by the time you get to her, but feel free to snivel.” I walked over to him, picking up one of his bananas on the way. ” “You’re cooler than the tile.” “And that’s a good thing? All the blood I have left is in my face.” I chuckled at her and quickly healed her marking. Only sliding the ring into place once she had snuggled up to my side.Perhaps she smelled the blood that had gotten on my pants during batting practice. I could feel the swell of curiosity building for Sookie, but she still wrapped herself around my arm in spite of her uncertainty. I reached around, finding her clit, just to push her… Until she took the second to sweep her hair away from her shoulder…

our laughter continued to grow as his mental thesaurus tried every synonym he could imagine… Your idea was inspired and makes me want you in Shreveport all the more. At the moment Bobby is ‘swamped’ with having some improvements done to Sookie and Adele’s home. Adele and I both enjoy antique books which can be hard to find and I asked for him to have a bracelet made for Pam.” “Antique books? the front is antique books, but the back is for witches’ supplies. Some of them signed.” “I think you’ve just added to your list for tomorrow. 10 books should take care of the rest of her visit. And that’s only taking into account how Bill would react to them being put into . “No less than 5.” I rested the sword against the wall to grab the club. It was fast.” “You took part in Bill’s torture to spare the queen the pain of feeling her child’s panic at the end.” “Yes, but I’d be lying to say that I didn’t enjoy every hit.” She nodded slowly. I’d have done it without the promise, but by asking to save it for later I may have confirmed your suspicions. “Sookie, if he got to you he’d get away with it.” And keep her from her family to punish her for his list of mistakes… Since he was lunatic enough to have abducted Jason, he might kill them to keep her in line. ” The only suggestion she could have that would calm me down was that I should end Compton before he could steal her from me. He’d take from you.” She nodded absently while she thought through an alternative. Too many saw him challenge me.” She stared at the ceiling, biting the corner of her lip while she pondered the hitch in her plan. maybe that she knew I was going to have her looked after. ” She blew a raspberry at me, refusing to tell me, again, that she wants to stay with me. She might consider a trip to Bon Temps, by extension Shreveport, to ward our place for us.” vampires, just Bill. I asked our first day here, but got a little ‘eh’ about how to collect it. ” She got up from the bed and carefully removed my belt and phone from my discarded pants and folded them to put in her bag. Including our lack of reflections, repulsion to ‘holy water’ and garlic and our favorite, our inability to appear in photographs… By the end of our tour, Adele’s mood hadn’t diminished in the slightest, but it was obvious that her stamina had been tested. She’d have enough to do by way of closing up my house and tying up her own loose ends… If I hit him, I bet bananas will fall out.” Andre smiled and nodded to the far wall where there was an iron rod. Waldo felt safe in that we weren’t there for him, so he never had the chance to be fearful. “You’re the only one that could get away with that.” Pam’s mouth fell open, but she wisely remained silent. Have him ejected from the state and then if he ever comes back to Louisiana again, it could only be because he’s suicidal.” So far, so good… This punishment, what Andre is doing is too private. You’d have to be guarded.” “You were going to do that anyway, butthead.” Pam snickered that Sookie called me ‘butthead’… Gran gave me a 15 minute warning on my way up.” Sookie had quickly checked her hair in the mirror and leaned over to peck Pam on the cheek. Apparently, the pose could be considered ‘vamping’. We all began rolling with laughter as the obtuse boy began imparting all of his on the topic of vampirism… They’d then deliver their things to her new house where her car and new tools (cell phone and laptop) would be waiting with all of her utilities already taken care of. “I hit him quite a few times, but the blood is from what Andre did and you want to know about the bananas… ” “He said that he could still turn you.” She huffed. “If he’s allowed to leave then you’d be unsafe indefinitely. I’m gonna run down to gather everyone so that you have the chance to say what’s on your mind.” Without another word Sookie was gone. She could only be speaking of the reprisal acted out in her defense. Adele laughed at her pose until she was breathless. That her relocation expenses would be covered and that I would make sure that vampires would arrive the night before they left the area to do the packing for them since it could all be done in a couple of hours. “I was asked to end Waldo.” They gasped and only followed the noise with a shocked expressions. “The queen couldn’t bring herself to do it, so when Andre took me to him and he was confined with Bill, I abused Bill for a while before I ended Waldo.” Sookie seemed puzzled. You said you wouldn’t hurt him.” Pam was (for once) staying quiet, but her sense of justice was evident, as was her gratitude. You shouldn’t have seemed so angry.” “Unfortunately, I didn’t think to silence Compton.” “ riled you up? Besides, being humiliated in a room full of vampires would have to be worse than just a few and some fangbangers.” Her eyebrows went up as though she was waiting to be graded. ” “Firstly, thank you.” Her tone was humble and grateful… ” “Only if you recognize that it’s out of curiosity.” “Understood.” “How often… that entire plan was something you would come up with… And did she say that you could get away with turning her? She refused to lie on the ground not only because of the dew, but she thought it was far more ironic to stand on the small monument… For the rest of the trip we discussed informalities of her move.

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